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Student Village sentiments note down things to hel

County of Henan Province town of Willow Village Student Village Li Pu Xiang show off to the office the first thing is to open his drawer,monster turbine headphones on sale, Day one day at a cold, he misses a few households in the village of material readiness of poor households for the winter. Today, after processing the village, Li Zhan bicycle to go home and take a look at this a few poor households. This is his record in the 2008 arrived in the beginning of the village,Sixty elderly neighbor said the two men to kill hi, Lee shows and a lot of young people full of energy, like dreaming in rural areas enjoy this unfamiliar arena to show their talent: drawing funds, on projects, engage in engineering,Global clearance only 4 games !, in grand style! However, to work, Lee show only to find the gap between reality and the ideal extent. Village area of ​​over 2,900 acres, population 2,moncler jackets online outlet,269 people, many village is hilly areas, soils, water scarcity, featureless industry, traditional agriculture is still the village's main source of income ... ... where to begin to work it? Li Zhan into a deep confusion among the. father in the countryside reminded inculcate remarks before the show Lee: , so that people could feel that you are able to serve them. interests of the composition, seemingly trivial,Installed on demand to buy all ten highly recommended Keyboards, but in fact important. interests of the masses is no small matter, pile pieces of customs intelligence. Thought through, and Lee doubled energy development work, he Lile Li clue, from the root to restore the rural, General business confidence. Li Zhan bought a laptop, specifically recorded in the visit to the masses understand the process difficult thing. In recent years, many young people in the village to earn money through work outside the home, life has improved, but there are some sick and elderly farmers, the ability to work is low, and only dependent on the weather. 2008 drought, the sharp drop in the income of the villagers, seeing the New Year approaching, how to make them lead a warm Spring Festival? Lee show down in a notebook of this matter. Vacation time back to the county, he must run the civil affairs department for help. After many setbacks, after New Year's Day 2009, the county civil affairs bureau of the first relief supplies allocated place. Lee hired the first time show vehicles, to the financing of relief supplies and previous calendars, toothpaste and other household items be delivered to the village,cheap monclers jacket sale, all issued the same day to the hands of poor farmers. Lee heard the news show's many friends to contact him and have expressed their willingness to sacrifice of love. After some intense preparation, January 19, 2009, 60 people more than love, more than 20 vehicles to the village, the car filled with rice, flour, oil, meat, eggs, ham and cotton-padded clothes, quilts and other necessities of life,How to make dry, the children went with brought their own pocket money she saved to buy used exercise books, pencils. Event, and everyone was part of the cash donation. 2009 in early, in a chat with the villagers that the Lee Show, a man named Lu Yan village called 15 groups of students because of family poverty, ready to face the danger of dropping out of school, 12 groups of the neighboring village of temperature Village The Gong Meiping students also face the same situation. How to help them complete their studies? Development of the land called Yan Li, Gong Meiping the situation recorded in the Post issued, Che Youhui friends positive response. In everyone's suggestion, Che Youhui Education Fund was established, long-term commitment with the help of two students, provide a monthly assistance payment of 100 lives, until they go to college. February 13, 2009, the first three months of development aid payments handed over by Li in the hands of two students. Village is less developed than the village, many people's lives are in the following horizontal subsistence allowances, most of whom enjoy subsidies for subsistence allowances granted by the State, however, for various reasons, there are few subsistence allowances are not classified as poor households to help the object, life is hard. In response, beginning in May of this year, Li Zhan frequently to and from county, township and village, many find the County guaranteeing that the office, they reflect the practical difficulties in the village. The end of May, after serious discussion and careful research and field view of the rural District, the county had agreed to do Village guaranteeing an increase of 10 places subsistence allowances. The village of deliberation and publicity, and soon identified the object and to help them handle the relevant procedures. things as the objectives of rural work, can we truly make people happy. Opened his notebook, top down, such as there to see the book, enrich my knowledge, Li Guo, Zhao Liang Yang Xiaoshen
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